Product Review by Jim Matuga
New book from Yokum: For hunters and anglers who love the outdoors
[ December 7, 2004 ] by Jim Matuga

Any angler in the Mountain State who knows West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Fisheries Biologist Kevin Yokum, know doubt knows an enthusiastic, helpful and good-hearted sportsman who really loves his profession.

When I received an email from Kevin a few weeks ago notifying me of his new book, I asked him to send me a copy for review. He quickly responded and here are my thoughts on his new offering.

Heart Shot is a book designed to serve as encouragement for Christians and as a tool so that others may learn of God's magnificent creation. Yokum does this each chapter by sharing an interesting outdoors adventure and then tying the morale of the lesson into a biblical translation.

For instance, in the opening chapter, "Losing Focus", Yokum takes the reader into the woods with him. There you are in the tree stand right along side the author as he draws his bow on a his first potential world-class whitetail. The sight of the magnificent animal and the fabulous antlers has the hunter mesmerized, unable to pull off a killing shot. Yokum then goes on to describe a passage of Proverbs dealing with taking one's eyes off of Jesus. The analogy of losing focus during the hunt and with our own personal lives works wonderfully.

Another chapter "What to do When Everything Goes Wrong" relives a morning of hilarious mishaps the author goes through preparing for an early morning in the woods. He goes on to offer an encouraging message of hope through Bible passages and the positive power of God's word.

To sum up, Heart Shot is not what I expected. I guess I was thinking this would be a how-to book on hunting. But Heart Shot is much more than that. It is a how-to book of sorts: How to handle temptation, how to face difficult times, how to deal with tough situations. As Yokum once said to me: "We're out there in the woods, on the water, in all of nature…it's important to think about God too while we're out enjoying the outdoors and all he has given us."

Kevin Yokum is a good friend of the West Virginia BASS Federation. He is an accomplished author and shares a lifelong passion for the outdoors. His new book Heart Shot is an excellent read. This book would make a thoughtful Christmas gift for the sportsman on your gift list so be sure to order two!

To order call Kevin Yokum directly at home: 304-472-8884, work: 304-924-6211 or email at

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