Product Review by Jim Matuga
Iovino's latest book a Must Read
[ March 19, 2003 ] by Jim Matuga

If you ask my wife about my reading habits, she'll no doubt laugh and remark something about the last book I read being when I was in high school. I rarely read anything for pleasure other than the bevy of fishing and boating related magazines to which I subscribe.

I am fortunate, however, to have been sent a copy of Don Iovino's new book "Finesse Bass Fishing & the Sonar Connection." Iovino has been at the forefront of sonar use and his finesse bass fishing techniques have made him a legend beginning in the 1970s. He is also the inventor of one of my favorite topwater baits the "Splash It."

This new book is contained in 8 chapters covering a range of subjects including "doodling," "Splitshotting," "DropShotting," and "The Sonar Connection."

There is enough information on these finesse fishing techniques to keep an angler busy reading and practicing knots and rigging for weeks.

The book is filled with easy to understand instruction and detailed photo illustrations. It makes for a very interesting read.

As for the "Sonar Connection," Iovino divulges some of his insider secrets for the use of his sonar unit of choice - the Lowrance LCX-15. In fact he gives the reader in-depth knowledge of the use of this unit to turn a fish finder into a fish catcher. "To probe beneath the surface and gather the most crucial information available, it's necessary to utilize more than just the automated settings your equipment might offer," Iovino states. Then he goes on to share his preferred settings with step-by-step instructions. This section of the book is essential for any angler who owns an LCD sonar unit.

Appendix B is worth the price of the book alone. Here Iovino details a step-by-step tutorial on GPS key sequences. Again, using the Lowrance LCW series units, Iovino will walk you through: Saving waypoints, Recalling/editing waypoints, finding distance, navigating routes, etc. Good stuff to know.

Another useful piece of information Iovino shares is his three steps to sonar success:

1) Break down the lake, find activity levels
2) Correlate depth to bottom features
3) Let electronics validate fishing info

These three steps, along with a more in-depth explanation, will help you use your electronics to their maximum potential.

The information contained in this book, plus time spent on the water, will help you put more bass in your livewell.

To order this book go to or call (818) 848-6180
Price is $15.95 Be sure to mention this article when ordering.

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