Product Review
Interstate Batteries
[May 20, 2003] - by Jim Summers

Over The past two 2 years I have been using Interstate Marine Batteries in my TR21 Triton. These batteries are the longest lasting batteries I have ever used. I have been out 12 to 14 hours and have never had a problem with power. Interstate is the number 1 selling Marine battery. Interstates high quality battery, unparalleled service, nationwide distribution and overall value make it the top selling Marine/RV battery.

These new Interstate 27M series batteries are a high-quality product. With the addition of a Sodium Sulfate Additive which greatly improves recharge acceptance when deeply discharged, Vibration-Resistant Technology that resist damage caused by the hard jolts of rough water and by vibration, Four post design improves power flow and provides easier installation and access to support accessories. Negative plate paste expander, reduces damage caused by high temperatures and increases the overall number of starts. I have heard some people complain about Interstate Batteries. The only thing I could possibly see wrong with my batteries is, that they are not maintenance free. Yes, you have to put water in the 27M series batteries. If you forget to do that you could have a problem with power and only half charging. Then you will be complaining that, these batteries won't hold up. I could only fish half the day. Between the wind and current my batteries gave out. Bull, put water in them and charge them well and they will last all day and then some. Jim Matuga and I recently fished the King of the Mon Tournament sponsored by Budweiser and the Mon-River Bass Club. We fished in the wind and against the current all day with a trolling motor that had the seals gone and the motor had water in it and was making all kinds of noise and laboring. My batteries held up all day and still had power to spare when it was all over. Another thing I like about Interstate Batteries is, you can find a dealer anywhere. There are more than 200,000 total dealers in North America. That plus the quality and value of Interstate Batteries should make it the choice of Federation Anglers across the Nation. Check them out WWW.INTERSTATEBATTERIES.COM

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