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A few months ago, there was much discussion on the message board on the subject of sunglasses. Since the topic generated more than 120 message views, I presumed that there was interest in this question and sought to research the matter and pass on some information to you here in this forum.

I recently had the opportunity to talk first hand with the owner of one of the leading polarized sunglass companies in the USA, Larry Elton of Elton Optics in Las Vegas, Nevada. You may have seen the ad for "Wraptors" in Bassmaster magazine or BASS Times - Elton Optics is the company that manufactures the "Wraptor." Here is what I found:

Ask anyone who knows fishing or boating and they will tell you that polarized sunglasses are a must. They are much more than just sunglasses, they are essential equipment. Here's why: Polarization is one of the fundamental properties of light waves. Light is polarized by reflection. When light strikes a surface, like water, it becomes scattered and travels in all directions like a 4th of July sparkler. This is what is commonly known as glare. This glare produces eyestrain and discomfort because the eye must work harder to overcome an increase in brightness while trying to view objects which appear washed-out. This is why fishermen, for example, know the advantage of wearing polarized sunglasses. They eliminate the water's glare, which enables them to see fish clearly beneath the surface.
Regular sunglasses, regardless of the cost, are only colored plastic or glass and do nothing to block out glare. These ordinary sunglasses just reduce the amount of visible light that reaches the eye, but the problem of glare still remains. Many times the lenses used in these ordinary sunglasses are of poor quality and tend to distort vision which, at best, is annoying, but they may also be harmful and fatiguing to the wearer.

A polarized lens, on the other hand, is a true optical filter which only allows the useful light traveling from the object viewed to reach the eye, while blocking all the glare caused by the scattered light traveling in many different random directions. When objects are viewed through a polarized lens, they appear sharper. Colors are seen more vividly and in true natural proportion, due to the removal of the scattered white light. When the glare is eliminated, the eyes don't have to work as hard or squint to see. This reduces eye strain. The result is a sunglass which actually is soothing to the eyes. The simple fact is, Polarized lenses offer visual acuity and comfort unavailable in any other kind of lens.

The single most important element of any optical system is the lens. Elton claims their polarized lenses are the most technically advanced lenses offered in sports optics. Only ophthalmic quality polarized lenses are used to make Elton Polarized Sunglasses. These lenses are of the same quality used in prescription eye glasses. Ophthalmic quality lenses have true curves and are free of distortion and aberration. elton Polarized Lenses are the most effective polarizers available.

Elton Polarized lenses are made by a special process which places an ultra-thin optical filter of polarizing film within the lens itself. This protects the filter from any damage and allows the lens to be ground and polished. This careful grinding and polishing of the lens produces exacting spherical curvatures which results in a clear, distortion-free lens.

Elton Polarized Lenses block all UVB and UVA light. Ultra-Violet radiation is that light which causes not only sunburn, but can also harm the human eye; contributing to the deterioration of vision. Research has linked Ultra-Violet rays to the development of cataracts (clouding of the lens), as well as other degenerative conditions in the eye.

The Wraptor is a nylon wraparound frame with an eight base polarized polycarbonate lens. The lenses are shatter proof and are available in Grey or Bronze color. I have tried both color lenses for different conditions and both perform wonderfully.

"We find lens color is a personal choice, everyone being different," said Elton. "However, generally speaking, the bronze color is best for sight fishing since it adds contrast and definition, making it a little easier to see fish that are close to the surface. The grey on the other hand is probably the best all around color."

The wraparound design keeps out all the sun's rays, dust and wind, yet does not interfere with peripheral vision. The strong nylon frame has rubberized ear pieces for comfort and comes in matte black or matte tortoise to match the lens color. The frame design is especially good for running 60+ mph in a bass boat by blocking out both the sun and the wind.

Overall, these are the absolute best sunglasses I've ever worn for bass fishing. The polycarbonate lens is hard, durable and provides a clear, distortion-free view. The frames are extremely comfortable and they look good too. And the price can't be beat.

Since you are buying directly from the manufacturer, you can buy these outstanding polycarbonate, polarized sunglasses for just $49.95. Prescription lenses are available, check their website for more details. You can order online at

Let me know if they work for you Email:

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