Product Reviews
•   12/07/04 - by Jim Matuga •  New book from Yokum: For hunters and anglers who love the outdoors
Any angler in the Mountain State who knows West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Fisheries Biologist Kevin Yokum, know doubt knows an enthusiastic, helpful and good-hearted sportsman who really loves his profession. [  more...  ]
•   02/03/04 - by Jim Davis •  New Stren Super Braid
Confidence, this is one of the most important mental aspects a tournament angler must have. Webster’s defines confidence as, "That in which faith is put; Belief; Trust; Feeling of security." You must have confidence in your abilities as a tournament angler to locate and catch fish consistently. [  more...  ]
•   12/30/03 - by Jim Matuga •  TRITON'S X SERIES: A NEW DIMENSION IN BASS BOATS
Ashland City, Tenn. - Even the most demanding bass anglers should find plenty to like about Triton's new X Series bass boats. These innovative tournament models bring new dimensions of fishability, performance, safety and styling to the bass boating world. [  more...  ]
•   05/20/03 - by Jim Summers •  Interstate Batteries
Over The past two 2 years I have been using Interstate Marine Batteries in my TR21 Triton. These batteries are the longest lasting batteries I have ever used. [  more...  ]
•   03/19/03 - by Jim Matuga •  Iovino's latest book a Must Read
This new book is contained in 8 chapters covering a range of subjects including "doodling," "Splitshotting," "DropShotting," and "The Sonar Connection." [  more...  ]
•   12/12/02 - by Jim Matuga •  Top Water Hit
Have you ever wished that you could find the perfect thing for your home or office that would clearly communicate your love of bass fishing to your friends and visitors? I'm not talking about the talking fish "Bigmouth Billy Bass" either. [  more...  ]
•   09/03/02 - by Jim Matuga •  Wraptors
A few months ago, there was much discussion on the message board on the subject of sunglasses. Since the topic generated more than 120 message views, I presumed that there was interest in this question and sought to research the matter and pass on some information to you here in this forum. [  more...  ]
•   05/11/02 - by Jim Matuga •  Gary Yamamoto Senko
By now you've probably heard of the Senko. The Senko is the soft plastic bait that has turned the bass fishing world on end. Made by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, the Senko is a bait that resembles the shape of a Bic ink pen. In fact, that is exactly the inspiration behind this unique bait. [  more...  ]


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