FishTails - Articles 1999
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December 1999
•  DNR to aid fish pining for shelter
August 1999
•  1999 First Quarter Report
•  Young Hunters Given Special Deer Permit
•  West Virginia Outdoors
•  Chris Lawrence's Outdoor Journal
April 1999
•  Winter sports can be a lot more fun with GPS technology leading the way
•  It doesn’t matter where you are, staying in touch is affordable
•  Handy tips keep your boat trailer ready to roll for next fishing season
•  Utility trailers are popular once again
March 1999
•  Be ready for the boat ramp next spring - practice trailering now
•  Learn boating’s ‘Rules of the Road’ while in dry dock this winter to fully enjoy spring fishing
February 1999
•  Let’s go fishin’! with Mike Auten
•  Let’s go fishin’! with Jay Yelas

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